About a year ago I made a huge decision to start my music career by pursuing to be a music producer, rather than chasing my dreams of becoming a rapper. I had made this decision based off of the current state of hip-hop, lack of time, and change of interest. I love to write songs, rap, and most of all perform, but I soon started to see the bigger picture and wanted to explore another field in music. So I made the decision to become a hip-hop producer and then come back to the mic once I felt I was ready and had the resources. Right after I made that decision, I created an instrumental collection called “THA FORMSTRAMENTALS.” THA FORMSTRAMENTALS” are beats that were created through sampling and original work done by me in the last couple of months. Since I have uploaded the collection on the website Soundcloud, I have gained fans, listeners, customers, peers, respect, and love from blogs. Some of the work that was done for “THA FORMSTRAMENTALS” was work done for my record label mates from “Da Valley Boyz Entertainment.” At this current moment I am working on an official beat tape that will be released this summer. The beat tape is called “Mr. Muzack’s Equations.”

The title came from the made up last name I have given myself “Muzack” and equations because my stage name is “THA F.O.R.M.U.L.A.” and I made the equation “F=MC.” Just as “THA FORMSTRAMENTALS”, “Mr. Muzack’s Equations” is comprised of original sampled work produced by me. A few of the beats are remixes of previous FORMSTRAMENTALS for the people who have been listening from day one. The project features two talented djs, Dj Sound Asylum and Dj Star Child who will be doing scratching, additional effects, and voice sampling over some of tracks of the project. I also have two features from two talented producers, Kay Shot and J.Cue where we are collaborating on one beat to make a great track. The entire project is to show case my talent and to give something that people can listen and relax to. It is also going to be up for free download unlike THA FORMSTAMENTALS, because with this project I am not looking to gain any personal profit. I want to put out a body of work to capitalize on what I have gained and go beyond. So be on the look out for “Mr. Muzack’s Equations” and it will be released on “Da Valley Boyz Entertainment” this summer.

Our Cypher Effect video just hit 10,000 views peep it!!!

The Cypher Effect - Razor / Vladimir Thursday / Tha Formula / OhSoAktive / Young Revenue Hefner

I may release a new track tonight as a preview of what is to come for my new beat tape!

Cloud 99 (Prod. By THA F.O.R.M.U.L.A.)